Who We Are

Jewelry is so much more

than an accessory.

I believe the relationships we build in life are everything. 

Jewelry is merely an outward expression

of the experiences and people who have

touched our lives. 

It has been the honor of Magma Gems

for 40 years to

listen, imagine, design and create

the jewelry that will potentially be

worn for generations. 

Joy, pain, struggle, faith, 

perseverance and hope

mold all my designs. 

Come create a future heirloom with me.


Andrew Jonathan




Be The One Who Makes History.

- Andrew Jonathan


A Few Testimonials

My fiancé purchased my engagement ring at Magna Gems, it is a princess cut so we met with Andrew and his team to have the wedding band custom made. As with so many designs these days, the plan was to create a CAD design by computer but it turned out to be more of a project than he had hoped for😞 That didn’t stop them!! He and his team sat down and created it the old school way with hand tools and a custom mold!! It is stunning. ❤️ The perfect, one of a kind, hand crafted and custom made set...and I am the lucky gal to wear them. 😍 Without hesitation....go to Magna Gems, they are Artists and their craft is one of a kind jewelry made with love and exact precision!! Thank you again Andrew and the Magna Gems team ☺️

Magma Gems is the go-to for any and all high quality jewelry. I have been going to the store since I was a child and always promised myself that whenever I wanted an engagement ring, it would be through them. I wanted a very specific ring made and BOY did they deliver!! They do amazing work, their selection seems never-ending and the staff treats you like family. The shop is spotless and wonderfully designed. From the moment you walk in the door you are welcomed and taken care of. I love my ring so much I had to pop the question right away! She said yes! With a ring like this, how could you not.

The Magma Gems team did a fantastic job on my custom engagement ring. It is exquisite! Andrew worked closely with my fiancé making sure every detail was perfect. After I received the ring I needed an adjustment to the size, which they completed right away. Great customer service. Thank you for adding to this special time as we begin our life together!

The ring Andrew and his talented staff designed for me is stunning. They remade my wedding ring and my husband and I couldn’t be happier! It is absolutely beautiful. They are amazing to work with, so much talent! Thank you so much, Magma Gems!

Great experience from the design, personal investment, and customer service. So incredibly happy with the way our ring turned out. Will be back for the whole wedding set!

Definitely had the best service here. My favorite necklace broke and i took it here to get serviced, it took about a week to get back. A few days ago my resident broke my same necklace by snatching it. I took it here to get fixed and Andrew greeted me and talked to me while my necklace was able to get repaired on the spot. I definitely love the service. THANK YOU!