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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

“I have had this planned a long time….you just know when you have found the right one, and I have wanted to propose to her ever since.” Stated my client, in an excited tone.

As I write this I have been married to my wife 32 years today. I remember the day I asked her like it was yesterday. It was a super hot August on her birthday. She was having a family birthday party with all her closest friends and I told her I was going to be a little late.

Earlier that day, I had prepared a big box for my friends to wrap me inside. They were to load me onto a truck, take me to her house, and unload me into her living room. It was there that I was going to pop out and “pop” the question.

However, things don’t always go exactly as pictured. First of all, I didn’t even think about dressing up as I was so nervous. Also, I didn’t think about the fact that it was 108 degrees (literally) outside and I was trapped in a box with no air holes. And of course my girlfriend decided to open my present last.

Once I popped out (half dead) she looked at me and her first whispered words were “what are you doing…. did you ask my dad?” Of course that was another oversight on my part.

Her family looked anxiously at her, her dad left the room, my parents wanted to kill me, and she nervously said “yes”. Needless to say it’s a memory she will never forget and my family has teased me about it for decades.

Although we spend countless hours designing and creating rings that will last a lifetime. I’ve come to realize that HOW one asks someone to marry them is even more important. It’s a moment in time that person will never forget.

This amazing young man pictured, had us help him design and create this perfect ring for his perfect girl. Cast in 14 karat white gold, holding a beautiful main diamond, with bezel set accent diamonds on the band.

His special place? A place a special to both of them. Disneyland of course! Is it just me or do I see a hint of Mickey Mouse ears on that band?

Magma Gems is a magical place to have your special ring designed and custom made. Be sure to take the time to think about HOW you’re going to ask, and that ring will remind both of you that moment, each time you look at it.

-Andrew Jonathan


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