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Yes To The Bread Tie

Updated: May 18, 2021

"It’s time for me to pop the question.” The big, burly guy, sheepishly said to me when we first met. It is such a cool and exciting experience to meet so many people making this leap of faith in our shop. We see it as an honor to ease people’s minds and truly educate so they can enjoy the whole process and experience.

After we sat down for few minutes to get to know each other and answer his questions, I asked, “Any chance you know her ring size?” After a pause, he gave me a grin and quietly started into his story.

“Well, we have been together for four years now and she is definitely the one. She is kind and patient and we have fun together. But she watches everything I do. So it’s tough to try to surprise her with anything. I REALLY want to surprise her. So I attempted to try something kinda weird to get her ring size.

To say he had peaked my interest with his story, thus far, was an understatement. He continued, “She is a very sound sleeper. So that night I pulled a little wire tie off our bread bag and planned to carefully wrap it around her ring finger early the next morning.” Right when he did it. She woke up! “What are you doing?” She asked in a groggy voice.“

So I think she knows, but oh well, I had to get it and here it is.” Sure enough, he slid over a black bread bag tie, twisted just right. He got the size! I was so impressed.

This was the beginning of a great design adventure together. After going over many

options, ideas and questions, he knew it needed to be one-of-a-kind. Although, unique rings are our specialty. We also know it needs to be a timeless piece, a classic, that speaks of the people it represents.

“Alexandrite!” He exclaimed during our meeting. “Can we make an Alexandrite engage ring?” Yes, I explained, however a real natural Alexandrite over a half carat can be more expensive than a diamond, ruby or emerald. Alexandrite actually change colors, naturally, in the sun and the more dramatic the change, the more valuable the stone. An incredible stone indeed!

We met again and he selected an outstanding GIA certified diamond at an amazing price as his main stone. We then decided to place two good size accent natural Alexandrite on either side of the main diamond, with a diamond covered twist (a note to the tie) band. He also hoped to add something of himself. So we added his birthstone Peridot bezel set under the cathedral on either side.

After about 30 days and all was complete. He picked it up. When he opened the box, I had placed to original wire tie on top BEFORE he saw the ring. “That’s perfect, I am going to give it to her just like that! Haha! I can’t wait any longer, I am just going to ask her this weekend.” I made him promise to let me know how it went.

This big, burly, sweet, thoughtful guy, took his ring and proposed.

He texted me. “


My team and I truly love what we do. Cannot wait for the next one.

-Andrew Jonathan


Magma Gems Custom Fine Jewelry

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