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“This has been in my family for many years.” This has become a sacred statement I have heard hundreds of times. More often than not, my clients go on to explain a fascinating story behind that particular precious stone or piece of jewelry. Stories of first loves, new loves, last loves, first children and lost children, sacrifices, triumphs, ancestors, and grand adventures. Our conversations include tears and laughter, sighs of deep satisfaction and retrospection.

It’s in that moment when a client looks me in the eyes and carefully hands me their precious treasure. My heart skips a beat. I have been entrusted with one of this person’s most prize possessions. Not so much for its monetary value, but instead for what it represents to that person and family. My team and I are then entrusted to design and create a piece of lasting jewelry that will be carefully passed on again, and again to the next generation. No small task indeed.

Do you realize that jewelry is a form of time travel? Think about it. Why do we even wear a piece fine jewelry? When you look down or in the mirror at that special piece of jewelry, it typically represents an important moment in your life. It’s a “stake” in the ground of your experiences that commemorates a year, a day, or a moment that needed to be appreciated. Never forgotten. Please understand, this is not about how expensive it is. It is all about the emotions and memories, and most of all, the heart in which it was given. Not just this year, but from now on, lets be intentional in our giving. The days of just giving for the sake of giving are over. WE all know now, first hand, how precious and fragile life can be.

Here are two recent MAGMA GEMS pieces that have been given new life. One represents a natural 2.81carat Round Brilliant Cut diamond and natural London Blue Topaz, all heirlooms that were given to my client. Designed in-house, this ring was cast in 14K white gold, and with all bezel set stones, it captured our client’s personality perfectly. The other custom designed and 14K cast ring proudly holds two magnificent 1.81ctw Natural Columbian Emeralds, and natural diamonds. Given to my client many years ago and secretly stored away until now. She lights up every time she admires it and shares it’s story with others.

Whether it’s custom designed or already made, first be sure to buy local, and second to take the time to pick gifts for your loved ones that make them think of you, and go back time every time they enjoy it.

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